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15 May 2011 @ 12:23 pm
Main Rules and Membership Applications  
To apply for membership, you need to comment in this post with answers to the questions below after reading the rules.

Once you’ve read and understood the rules (below), all you have to do is comment in this entry with:
- The keyword found in the middle of the rules in your subject title
- Answer the following questions (comments are screened)
- Click the join button. 

1) Short introduction of yourself
2) Promise to abide to our rules, in your own words.
3) Name at least 3 members' solos in the newest album (as of now, it's Beautiful World)
Format: Member's name - Song title
4) Name 5 singles that came out with a PV.
5) Describe ALL 5 Arashi members in your own words.

To approve or reject an application, we will read your comment, and also go to your journal page and profile to make sure that you meet the requirements (found also in the rules page)
We will not be judging your comment by the length. Let it be as short or as long as you want! However, you will not be accepted if you fail to answer even one of these questions correctly.
We have a banning system in place (max of 3 applications) so please reduce your chances of getting rejected by reading the rules&requirements. Also, applications posted in other entries will not be taken into consideration.

Please wait at least 2 weeks for our reply. If you don't hear anything by then, re-check and see if you posted your comment properly. Also, feel free to press the join button again if you think you didn't press it the first time.

The process may be slightly troublesome, but we're doing this to protect our files from being scattered around the internet and it may get us into trouble if you do that.


The key word will be either in the main rules or the requirements section so please read through that carefully.

These are the main rules:
- Please do not upload releases to streaming sites.
- Please do not profit from our videos and hard work in any way.
- Please do not use our videos to translate and sub into other languages, unless you have asked us for permission first.
- All the files you’ll find here are only for personal enjoyment. If you wish to share it with your friends, link them back to this community. Strictly no sharing out of this community.
- Follow the rules, don’t spoil it for yourself or others. I'm sure everyone just wants to have fun!

A few more points to take note of (requirements):
1. We have a banning rule, which means we are going to limit the number of times a user can apply for membership. The maximum is 3 times, after which we will ban the user from our community. We DO take note of the number of rejections.

2. We take a look at your LJ page. If your comments count is very low and your journal completely empty we’ll just assume you are not an active member and reject you. (Though we DON'T approve of spam so please don't take this the wrong way)
Of course we understand that those who are new to LJ can’t possibly have that much comments. That’s why we take into account the date your account was created and we encourage new users to wait a while before submitting an application.

3. We always reply to those who were rejected and state the reason(s) for our decision. For example:
-  Please be more specific in your answer for question __.
-  Please comment/post more to show that you are an active member in LJ.
-  You have answered question __ wrongly.
-  Please read the rules properly, and post a comment before clicking on the join button.
(These are just a few of the more common errors we have. Depending on your answer, we will approve/reject at our own discretion, and let you know of the reason. If you still have any questions, please contact the mod who replied to you.)

4. If you've joined LJ less than a month ago, wait a while before applying. (See point 2)

5. Spamming for no reason will land you in the rejected list.strongly advise the new LJ members to wait at least a month before trying to join us. Use that time wisely participating in the different Arashi communities.

6. We don’t accept member using other accounts besides LJ (like FaceBook, Vox..)
We are not very sure of how it works but, because of security reasons, we are not accepting such applications. Therefore, if you are really interested in joining our community, we strongly encourage you to get an LJ account, and wait a while before joining us (see point 2).

If you don’t understand what we said, or if you have any questions, you can always PM us (any of the mods). We'll try our best to help you since we know that there might be a language barrier. But if you spam us over and over again with questions (especially questions regarding why you've been rejected) we won’t reply and just add the name to the banned list.

We have our own rules for approving applications, (word you have to include in your subject titile: Mirai) and if any user does not meet the required criteria we will reject the request. But don’t worry, we don’t bite. You can write as much as you want and don’t worry if you think that your English isn’t good. Just write what you feel is right, that is enough for us.
Rules in other languages can be found HERE.
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