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23 June 2013 @ 03:16 am
As some of you might have noticed, we have closed our memberships. For now we plan to close it indefinitely but we're looking into other means such as a referral program.
The reason why we chose to close our membership is mainly because of two reasons.
1. You might have read from a couple of other subbing communities about the selling of subbed videos. An individual (or group, I have no idea) has been selling burned DVDs of fan-subbed videos which sadly, also includes MnI's videos. It may seem unfair to new fans or those not involved but we have to take a stand and remind ourselves of the fragility of subbing groups. It is only by the fandom working together that we can all protect ourselves.
To those who participated in taking action against the individual/group, thank you ♥
To those who are adversely affected by this decision, we hope you can be patient with us m(_ _)m

2. MnI hasn't really been active for a while now, aside from the occasional release. This is due to a lot of reasons but one of the biggest factors is that we do not have any regular translators on the team anymore. Going forward, if we can enlist the help of some translators, there is a high possibility that we'll come back as a regular subbing team but until then, we will probably continue as we are now.

Note: For those of you who submitted an application to join, we are slooowly going through them and I will update this post when we've finished so if you haven't been invited to join then, it means that you were too late or your application has been rejected.

Sorry for the overly formal tone everyone >_<
To our members, as a way of saying thanks for continuing to support us and to celebrate a few things, there will be a small release coming up~  ♥♥
01 May 2012 @ 09:43 pm
Hey everyone!
We know it's been a while but we're finally coming out of our "break" to celebrate two wonderful things! As you all know, we as ST officially came back as Mirai no Iro on 21st May last year so yes, it's less than a month to our first birthday! To coincide with our comeback, we're organising a layout and/or banner contest~

There will be two categories, one for banners and one for layouts though voting will be done together as we have unique prizes. Of course, if your layout includes a banner, that'll count as two entries! There's no maximum number of entries so go crazy! xD

How it works:
1) Create a Banner and/or Layout with the guidelines below.
2) Send your entries to mni_mod@hotmail.com with the required details below.
3) Repeat 1&2 as desired xD
4) Wait to see if your entry is picked!

Click for guidelines and prizes~!Collapse )

EDIT: Submissions dateline extended!

Please comment here with any questions, we'll do our best to answer them ^-^

And.. that's it! We're looking forward to all your entries so please do participate~
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25 January 2012 @ 02:34 pm
Hey guys! *waves*


I wanted to post this a few hours ago but couldn't cause MF decided to play pranks on me. But it's still the 25th so I'm not late, right?

As appetizer for Sho's b'day, we bring you something not new but extremely cute. What if our guys were to become superheroes? One of our girls, Ilovethestorm, wanted so badly to work on it so she translated, timed and "karaoked" it for you guys. This is a super cute PV and it makes me want to watch it over and over again... <3

Guess who....Collapse )
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14 January 2012 @ 06:17 pm
New to subbing? Packed with experience and looking for a challenge? 
As we move on to the new year, to bring you more and more Arashi, we at MnI would like your help! 
We’re currently looking for more crew members so if you wanna help spread the crack and rainbows, jump on in! \^-^/
Below is a list of positions we’re looking to fill.

Edit: It's been two weeks and we've had so many applications, thank you everyone! We're now looking through all the applications and will be contacting everyone with the results soon. Applications for the rest of the positions are closed but we're still short on translators so please do send in your applications ne! ^-^

Translators (Chinese to English & Japanese to English) - We still need translators! <3
Editors x2 - Native English speakers only. It'd be great if you know a little Japanese too for subtle sentence structures and such.
Timers x3
Typesetters x2
Encoder x1

Please email mni_mod@hotmail.com or reply to this post with the position(s) you're applying for in the subject line.
Reply in this format:-
Language proficiency level: (translators & editors only. How many years studied, fluent?, ect.)
Can you read Chinese/Japanese: (translators only)
Experience: (Yes/No - If yes please give details.)
Buddy: (Yes/No - New members have the option of getting a buddy to help with their first few projects to get used to the subbing process.)

Yes, we do realise it's been a while since our last release but we promise something really soon! (a double release no less xD)
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NOTE: To We've moved around the introduction post and rules to make it easier to understand how to apply. Thus, we've created a separate page for the introduction and added the team's bios to introduce the comm to the team ^_^

Hello and Welcome to Mirai_no_iro!
We're actually the former team of sora_takaku and we've decided to make comeback into the subbing world! We're sorry to say but former members of sora_takaku will still need to re-apply for membership. We're making a fresh start.

A short introduction of Mirai_no_iro: T
his is another English Arashi media community made of fans for fellow fans. We only provide hardsubbed videos, no soft subs. As much as we would want to, we do not guarantee regular posts as we are all either working already, or are students. We do not sub a particular series (maybe occasionally), but whatever we feel like. Therefore, you will pretty much find a mixture of everything so we hope that you will like what you'll find here! Your opinion counts in the community, so please participate by dropping comments and providing us with your feedback, you know we love both! xD This way you can help us provide you with better subs better and encourage us to sub more! Comments and/or feedback can of course be left in the appropriate post, but if you prefer email, you can contact us at mni_mod@hotmail.com. You can find this in the sidebar too =) Also, in an effort to involve the community with team decisions, we are going to open a requests page so please look forward to that too! ^-^
And that's about it! Yoroshiku ne!
Together, let's paint our tomorrow with the colors of Arashi~ ^_^

Let's get to know each other! \^-^/Collapse )
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15 December 2011 @ 01:34 pm
Hey everyone!

This post is in response to the meme posted on arashi_on. We're really glad that there doesn't seem to be problems with our releases so far but the same can't be said for the membership process.
The process is a bit complicated but we wanted to be extra sure "random trolls" (lol I like that xD) don't bring us down. Once bitten twice shy kinda stuff.
We're really sorry about that so as a leeway, at least for previous ST members, here's a kind of "express line". To just accept old ST members without any application whatsoever is a bit too lax so instead, there's the option of answering only two questions.

The rules can be found in the Main Rules in the sidebar or HERE.

The process is the same, comment with:
- The keyword found in the middle of the rules in your subject title
- Answer the following questions (comments are screened)
- Click the join button.

1) Promise to abide to our rules, in your own words.
2) Describe ALL 5 Arashi members in your own words.
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 Greetings Ladies and (few, but still there) Gentlemen,

I’m here to proudly announce that, finally, we have managed to answer to all of your joining comments.

I want to thank all of you for having been so patient with us. I’m really sorry to have made you wait for so long. *dogeza*

There are various reasons for why we were so slow: there have been mix-up(s), problems, computer crash-downs, trips, school/uni..

In short, it was a long and exhausting battle; we are sorry to count many losses and more than one serious nervous breakdown (those who are hated by LJ put your hands up! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!).

 But back to business, a few points I wish all of you to take note:

 - please read carefully the answer to your comment. It should tell you what you have to do (if you have to do something)

 - those of you who have been asked to click join: please do so. I have the list of people I’ve asked to do so, this way I can let you in as soon as I notice that you’ve pressed the button. If you’re not accepted in a couple of days, PM me to tell me I'm blind! ^ ^

 - those of you who have had an invitation sent: please accept it. A mail should have arrived to you, from there you can manage your invitations. Otherwise, go to Communities --> My Invitations and accept the one to join MnI. Only this way you’ll have access to the comm.

 - if you have any doubt, question, complaint, if you think we overlooked your comment, or simply if you have an uncontrollable feeling of gratefulness towards us, don’t hesitate to PM me. Just remember to send also the link to your comment, so that I won’t have to search through all the pages. Spam in moderation. ; 3

 Lastly, I would like to thank everyone who worked on the approvals: kangxy67,  striving_light and gaiiterz (otsukaresama deshita minna!! ) and also arashilovezs and michicha (the last one especially for the emotional support and for taking all of my whines.. even though she was trying to piss me off half of the time.. are?.. matte.. let me take you off from the thanks list..)

 This should be all!

And as a thank you gift for being so understanding with us, I want to tell to expect some Arashi goodies in the next few days!! Even though I don’t know what it will be.. and I’ll probably be killed by whoever is working on something.. *whistles innocently*

See you soon minna!!
~Gio (123stella)

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14 September 2011 @ 08:51 pm
Hey everyone!

Thank you for celebrating a very belated Jun's b'day and early anniversary with us over the weekend. The posts are now closed with the exception of the celebration post which will be open a bit longer ^_^

We've had a bit of an influx of membership requests and just to clear up all the questions, here's an update on what's happening with all the requests.

Until recently, it's been a mess! With mods replying to requests and deleting settled applications, there's been a bit of a mix-up with the numberings of the pages so some of you who applied when we first opened in May might not yet be approved. Also, LJ deletes join requests after a few weeks or so so we have had to invite members instead of only approving. We've been working to sort it out so some of you might have had invitations. Please respond to them as quickly as possible as LJ has an invitation limit.

Because of the invitation limit, it'd be a great help if you juys could click the join button again. We're working from the old and new applications so hopefully it'll all get sorted faster if we didn't have to wait for invitation spots to open up.

If you're still unsure or worried that we might miss your application, feel free to copy & paste your application into a new comment but please delete your old comment first.

Lastly, we've recieved quite a number of questions asking about clarification of membership status but it's kind of hard for us to look at your application if you don't provide a link. So, please state your question and provide a link to your application so we'll know how to help.

Thank you for being so patient with us ^_^
Mirai no Iro Team
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25 May 2011 @ 10:18 am
Minna sugoi!!
As I'm writing this, there's been more than 600 applications!
We're crazy happy to be back so thank you for such an amazing response~♥♥ \\^o^//

Because of the overwhelming number of applications, please understand that it might take our mods some time to get to your application m(_ _)m

Also, there's been some issues with the keyword, please read through the rules carefully up til the line and we're sure you'll be able to find it. Its in brackets if that makes it easier.. Its only one word but copy the whole line in the bracket if you're still confused.

Once again, thank you for supporting us. We'll try our best to keep supplying the Arashi crack! xD

- Mirai no Iro Team
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20 May 2011 @ 09:05 pm

We made a FAQ section for those who might have doubts regarding our subs. We’re going to update this post regularly but if you didn’t find the answer you were looking for, you can also ask your question here. We’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible. ^^

Read more...Collapse )
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